English Course

For English language courses, it is a course to develop and improve your language skills to prepare for the next level of study by learning the native speakers. The study period will start from 6 months, 9 months, 12 months with the selection of courses that suit your own objectives.


VET Course

Vocational Training is an education system that focuses on preparing students for the workforce. VET achieves this through equipping students with the practical skills and knowledge that are essential to entering the workforce for the first time, changing careers, upgrading skills or moving into further education. VET works with the government, TAFE and RTOs (Registered Training Organizations) to help build students’ professional toolkit and competencies to advance their career. VET offers more cost-effective and time-efficient routes for students so that they can enter the workforce without the lengthy, costly processes that many other forms of education, like university


University Course

After graduating from high school in the country, many young people might have the idea to follow their dreams to study at a university abroad, especially now that it is no longer difficult to study abroad. However, you might want to be ready in your preparation in terms of academic results, technical knowledge, as well as good English skills, and most importantly, a good and clear study plan.


PK Summer Course

Short-term English language study in Sydney, Australia In addition to learning English with native speakers, you will also gain experience of staying with Australians to exchange culture and use English to communicate, as well as visit key sites in Sydney.